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My name is Kenneth Chiu, and I am running to be your next Assemblyman. I was born and
raised in a typical immigrant working class family in NYC.

My parents moved to the US over 40 years ago to pursue the American dream. My father worked in a restaurant and my mother in a garment factory. Growing up as the son of immigrants to becoming a candidate for office, I am where I am today, is because of the opportunities I was given by my community. I understand the issues and struggles immigrant and working family face daily because that is how I was raised. These core values will define my actions as your Assemblyman, your voice in the State legislature.

I didn’t choose politics, but politics chose me.

Since a young age, I’ve realized that life is not easy for immigrants and working families in
NYC. I have always put in the work with my community. I started working at 15 years old to
help provide for my family. Eventually, I was able to obtain a license to work with students with intellectual disabilities, a service that is incredibly critical and most needed.

When Superstorm Sandy devastated New York, I witnessed the inefficiency of our government in a time of crisis. I was then recruited by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz to continue organizing relief efforts in Red Hook. Little did I know, what originally thought to be just a 6-month affair would turn out to be 17 years in government and advocacy.

I have been working in and with the community for the last 17 years. During my work with
many community organizations and at different levels of government, I have come to learn about the many issues that immensely affect our community and the needs of fellow New Yorkers who are voiceless and powerless.

I have stood in the forefront to protest the lack of transparency and community engagement, top-down tactics of the City on decisions that impact the daily lives of community residents such as the fight to keep the SHSAT, oppose the building of a homeless shelter in Flushing and the mega jail in Chinatown.

I have successfully help overturned a government proposal that would have decimated the
laundromats industry, averted a laundromat shutdown, and saved the livelihoods of thousands of workers.

But of course, the work didn't stop there. When anti-Asian hate crime spiked at the onset of the pandemic, I’ve organized against Anti-Asian Hate, held meetings, workshops, protests, and rallies. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve also helped to create the NY Senior Association, which made sure that seniors receive their medication and meals during the pandemic, when daily necessities became much scarcer.

With more than 10 years of experience in serving the grassroots and 6 years of City and State
constituent service experience, I’ve learned how best to facilitate dialogues between government agencies and the local community organizations, knows how to build and maintain various community partnerships, serve as a conduit between elected offices and the public they serve.

New York City is where I grew up and I love my city. I have always been and will continue to be committed to helping our city and my community from the ground up. I am running because I want to speak up for my community, for their voices to be heard, to let the State hear the demands of the District. We must take the fight to Albany to ensure we have a seat at the table, to amplify the voice of our people.

As your Assemblyman, I will be proactive in addressing the crises so many small businesses
face. I will be a true advocate for seniors across the District, improving their quality of life and
reinvigorating the services that are available to them. I will work to improve public safety. We
need to reform the so called "bail-reform" that has led to our streets becoming more unsafe.


I will work to build more affordable housing within our District and to move bus layovers back to their depots so that we can clear up additional parking for businesses and shoppers.
Assembly District 40th, which includes the Flushing area, is plagued with many problems, yet
some politicians have lost sight of the day-to-day issues that impact our community, forgotten to serve the people who elected them. District 40 is in urgent need of a strong candidate to enact legislation and not just campaign platitudes.

We must take action now to improve public safety in our community, provide high quality
education for our children, care for our seniors, and support and protect small businesses.

I humbly ask for your support as I continue my mission of supporting our community. Your
voice. Your vote. Vote for change for the better. Vote Kenneth Chiu on June 28th. Thank you.

Kenneth Chiu

Candidate for NYS Assembly District 40

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