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We Must Put An End to the 24-hour Workday

For Mother’s Day, Kenneth Chiu and his team presented more than 2,000 roses to all the mothers and grandmother at various senior centers within Assembly District 40, to wish them a happy Mother’s Day and to honor them for nurturing their children with unconditional love. He values and cares about the well-being of every mother in his community and will work tirelessly to improve security measures in Assembly District 40 to keep our mothers and children safe.

Kenneth Chiu cares about the physical health of the elderly as well as their emotional and mental health. His concern for all seniors also extends to those who provide care for them, their home attendants.

Many seniors lived alone even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The lack of interaction with others socially can exacerbate existing health problems, as well as increase worries and emotional distress. They rely on their home attendants to help them with basic daily survival tasks. In addition to providing our seniors with personal care, buying food, and performing simple housekeeping services, home attendants provide them with the company they need most and reduced their sense of isolation. Not to mention, these home attendants, who are mostly immigrant women, risk their lives to care for the most venerable among us during the pandemic. Their service is invaluable for the well-being of the elderly. Home attendants, therefore, must be paid fair wages and work under fair working conditions. They cannot be forced to work 24-hur shifts and 11 hours of these shifts unpaid.

As such, Kenneth Chiu supports Bill Int 0175-2022, introduced by New York City Councilmember Christopher Marte on behalf of home care workers. The bill would set the maximum hours an employer can allocate to home care. Working hours are limited to 12 hours in any one shift or in any 24-hour period, and 50 hours in a week. Additional time can be allocated for home care in the event of an emergency. Additionally, Kenneth Chiu supports Bill S359A/A3145A, sponsored by Representative Harvey Epstein of New York and Senator Roxanne Persaud of New York. The Act sets the "maximum working hours in home care" to no more than 50 hours per week and may not include (I) continuous 12-hour shifts in a 24-hour period or (II) any single shift in excess of 12 hours in a 24-hour period.

We must put an end to the 24-hour workday.

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